The Perfect Automation 
For Any Trading Style

No matter your strategy or experience, AlgoTech offers you the ability to automate your approach. 

Be as hands-on or hands-off as you want, while our platform carries out your trading precisely as you want it to — no gimmicky robots executing trades on their own.

Trading Technology With A Human Element

AlgoTech puts you in the driver's seat with versatile, easy-to-use software as well as ongoing education. The tools for taking control of your financial future are waiting for you. And you're in full control the whole time.

How it works


From seasoned trader to just starting out, we provide you with educational videos that will continue to enhance your journey. You'll quickly be able to determine the best strategy for yourself and enter the forex market more confidently than ever.

From choosing your broker and installing MetaTrader 4 to learning technical analysis, over-the-shoulder training makes the moving parts of trading forex easy to digest.
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We'll walk you step-by-step through learning how to use the Algotech Systems Trade Management Software. You can enable completely hands-off execution of your specific trading strategy. Real-time alerts and texts will keep you dialed into your positions and price movements.

Our weekly Click Trades videos demonstrate how we design our own trades, plus the ability to cut and paste the settings right into your MT4 and put our expertise to work for you automatically.


AlgoTech is genuinely the best of both worlds: cutting edge proprietary technology, balanced out, and enhanced with real human interaction.

Collaborating with other like-minded traders has benefits no amount of technology can replicate. Our community forum lets you discuss what you're learning, bounce ideas off of others, and always get input into any questions or concerns.

Also, AlgoTech has a highly experienced team of traders at your disposal. We span many different trading styles and strategies. We'll show you how to use our powerful software to fit - and maximize - your own trading style.
Begin Trading Forex Confidently With AlgoTech Now

Why AlgoTech

Proprietary Technology
AlgoTech's Trade Management Sofware is completely customizable. Incorporate automation however you see fit.
Always Evolving
AlgoTech is a dynamic platform that continually adds new training and additional resources
Live, Response Support
Our expert admins are always on hand to provide the guidance you need. You're never left on your own to "figure it all out." And our one-on-one onboarding session will put you on the fast track right out of the gate.
Weekly Click Trades
Learn strategy and automation at the same time. These videos continue to offer you new perspectives on the forex market, and you can implement those you like immediately by simply cutting and pasting the settings.
Human Element
Forget about robots. The nature of the forex market can't be navigated by A.I. alone. We show you how to adjust your automation to market conditions that make robots helpless to address.
Live Trading Community
You can't put a price on the camaraderie and support you'll receive from your fellow traders. Mastering forex is next to impossible to accomplish all on your own. Learning and sharing with others will save you huge amounts of time in avoiding mistakes and increasing your knowledge.

Our Course

Educational Course - Algotech

Simple Pricing

You won't be faced with any "upsells" or premium level memberships to access certain parts of AlgoTech Systems. Everything is at your disposal for one low monthly price. Our platform is multi-dimensional and all-inclusive.


every month
  • No contracts. Cancel at any time
  • Access to the Algotech Systems Trade Management Software
  • Access to the trades we take and an ability to copy these trades
Unlimited Access to all members
Weekly Click Trades with coaching video and
settings attached
Weekly live coaching sessions
Basic to advanced Trader's Education Videos
  • Jacory B
    Thank you to all the guys at Algotech!!! You all have been a huge help in my journey. Earn while you learn. Great system and so glad to be a part of it!!! Jeff, Brad, and Tyler's daily training sessions are a must have for any new trader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EA?
An expert advisor (EA) is a piece of software that you install over a trading platform that tells you when to make trades or even automatically initiates and executes trades according to preprogrammed instructions.

A typical simple EA has only one strategy programmed in and usually has the best results on one pair, one timeframe, one style.

Algo-Tech is an advanced EA with many configurations that allows the administrative staff and others in the community to share download and share their setting files.
How long does it take to get started after joining?
As soon as you join today you will be asked to schedule an onboarding meeting with one of our specialists. During this meeting we will:
Assist you in setting up your broker accounts
Downloading and installing MT4
Setting up a VPS (if needed)
Installing our EA to your MT4
Configure a template file inside the EA for automated trading.
How do I book a Customer Support ticket or Training?
If you would like to speak to one of our representatives please use the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen.
How does Algo-Tech software work?
Algo-Tech is an sophisticated EA that you download and install to the MT4 trading platform. Once installed you can choose from one of our proven backtested trading templates to automate the process of taking, managing, and closing out your trades.

Multiple times per week we hold meetings and release new Click Trades - new settings files with accompanying videos that target a specific money making trade setup.
How much does Algo-Tech and trading cost?
Membership to the Algo-Tech software is $174.99 per month. In order for the software to work you must have additional money deposited into you trading broker account. We recommend using our software with at least a $500-$1,000 account balance.
What kind of guarantees does Algo-Tech offer?
Trading the Foreign Exchange Market with the use of margin and leverage carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance of the Algotech system is not indicative of future results. The high degree of leverage offered by brokers and liquidity providers can work against investors as easily as it can work for them. Before deciding to trade funds in the Foreign Exchange Market, carefully consider financial objectives, level of experience, and risk threshold. All investments in this market should be considered 100% at risk. Because of the risk associated with the Forex Market, advice from an independent financial advisor and / or a certified tax consultant is advised. Alogotech systems, its owners, or employees are not responsible under any circumstance for losses sustained while using our services. Algotech systems is not a registered financial counselor or investment firm and does not provide financial advice. If you are not happy with our product you have 48 hours to request a refund. After 48 hours no refunds will be issued, and all sales will be final for this Digital Product.

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